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Experienced Panic Attacks? What do you do?
I’ve been panic attack free for a while now but last week my husband was in a car accident. He was in the car with my two dogs. Thankfully everyone is fine but the car is totaled.

Today out of the blue in the supermarket I started getting an anxiety attack the feeling that I was going to die I started to sweat, heart racing etc. I made it to the checkout line and I was really close to just running out of the store but instead I started talking to the cashier who is this really sweet young teenager talking to her I was able to focus on buying what I needed and it distracted me from my anxiety. I was so thankful to the sweet person who had no idea the inner turmoil I was going through.

I guess now my anxiety is back because of what happened with my husband but learning how to deal with it and talk myself through helps as this reading the posts on here. It is possible to feel like you’re gonna die one second and then just as quickly you can push that thought out of your head with a positive one.
Hi kg300. So sorry to hear you’ve just had a massive panic attack. Often when i get anxiety it starts first in my head and the manifests somewhere else in my body. Im glad you are coming out of it now. When you are feeling this way is there anyone you can call or text to distract yourself?

A few years ago i had a massive panic attack at work. I told a co worker and she walked around with me for 45 mins until i was able to convince myself it was anxiety and no i was not dying.

Sending you virtual hugs and prayers for a more restful weekend.
I understand. Ive been there with the guilt and irritability. That adrenaline built up has to come out in one way or the other.
I do hope you have a better day. :-)
Panic attacks/anxiety are no fun. No matter what they don’t go away. It’s about learning to cope and figure out how to live happy! My take on the subject of course.


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