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Diazepam or Lorazepam?
(01-02-2020, 03:18 PM)barq- Wrote:
(12-30-2019, 01:20 PM)betterlife Wrote: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a product that reduced anxiety and increased energy?  That's been a problem I have found myself.  Sure I can reduce anxiety, but there is always a cost and that is being sleepy. 

Agreed - that would be an amazing medication! In terms of performance at work, I find bromazepam the best for damping anxiety but leaving me reasonably clear-headed.

However I'm generally on diazepam, so a bit less sharp than normal. If I need to be super efficient I will take a low dose of modafinil - but since it can make me anxious, I always make sure I have a spare diazepam with me. This is not something I do often, maybe every month or two.

After lots of reading about the long-term effects of benzos on cognition, I've started taking turmeric every day which should minimise some of the long-term problems (e.g. with memory).

Is anyone else using turmeric with benzos?

Yep. I take turmeric capsules mixed with ginger and bioperine (black pepper extract) every single day mainly for inflammation and my autoimmune disorders. My brain and my body are just all kinds of messed up.  Sad

Lavender, has the turmeric made a difference yet? I also have some cognitive issues. Been off V for awhile but have a bunch and sometimes use for sleep. At our small town hospital they give loraz for sleep. I am still taking but reducing my Clonaz. The first several times it will make you a bit drowsy, but after that at a low dose .5 you are good to go. Glad you are on a longer lasting med as it is so much easier to taper. I did 40mg diaz with alcohol when things were rough and now I rarely even take it. Interesting thread as it seems no one talks about loraz. Vendors have it so someone must like it! Enjoy Your Sunday! FF
IMO, lorz are less potent so if you're on a slew of other prescr1bed stuff, it may be safer? Just my 2 cents. [email protected] will knock your memory and your inhibitions right out the door if taken incorrectly.  But you know, everyones body chemistry is different and you gotta find what's best for you. Working in healthcare, I see those two items you inquire about in this threadprescribed very rarely. Ninety five percent of patients are chasing after those [email protected] A low dose works &bc its so short acting, that's the best bet. Well, Unless you are abusing it...worst bet ever.
[email protected]@x has a great halftime. Be sure to get the long ones You wll llove them

Love Eddue
None . Why not use pregabalin ? Change Doctor Smile .
lorz are also much shorter acting which can be helpful.
Clonaz is better than either imo. Loraz does not even work on me. I built a tolerance to diaz too quickly. It is ok once in a blue moon.

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