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Safety, discontinuing benzos
Thanks Chris5555, good to know.
“When they said, repent, I wonder what they meant.” - Leonard Cohen RIP
I agree that this is very helpful information. I wanted to chime in and say that clonidine seems to help me when I am low on benzos, especially for sleep (it knocks me out!) I just have to be careful because it lowers BP and I already have low BP to begin with!
Another good one is Baclofen. that medication not only helps anxiety but works so well during serious withdrawals of all types. It’s a must to have on hand.
Great information on this thread. Had no idea baclofen, Libax etc helped with the withdrawal. Clonidine works wonders for me!!

The formal way to taper is using the Ashton Method. Depending on starting dose, you steadily replace the benzo of abuse with Valium until it's all Valium and finally taper the valium down to 0. Program's 12-15 weeks if I remember correctly, so buckle up!
Librax is only available in the US by prescription, its not over the counter at any dose or place.  Except maybe down around Tijuana ....LOL.

Your correct in your statement in using valium as a tapering tool, a great rule of thumb to remember when tapering is you always want to go with the long acting benzos during your downward journey.  Hey would you rather jump off a cliff, or take a stairway to the bottom?  Guys ive seen people flop in seizures after abrupt discontinuation of alprazolam use daily.  You want to avoid abruptness at all and any means necessary.

The very last taper I used was with 2 mg Diazepam, half a tablet twice daily so really one tablet in 24 hours and it worked like a miracle.  It blew me away how effective it was,  I was so pleased with the result I wrote a thank you letter to my doctor, in appreciation.

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