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I’ve been on melanotan 10mg for nearly 8 years nightly. No negative effects and definitely helps me sleep. Many brands are trash/fake though even over the counter. Don’t want to break rules by putting out brand names on here though.
Seeker, Agree that some brands do differ and as far as I know you are free to discuss them as legal supplements here in U.S.A. The ones I take now do not seem as good and are cherry flavored tabs and do not include the claims of free radical scavenger, or promoting GI health. As we all know with supplements, they have not been proven by the FDA to do anything really? But as Chaitai mentioned it is actually produced by our bodies and M is a substance that works for so many that I would bet the farm that there has been some studies that prove it is effective for some, nothing to loose as the farm is out of Biz! Sorry for our Friends across the pond as this has almost always been effective for me. Sleep Well Friends, whatever it takes!-FF
Melatonin potentials against viral infections including COVID ...hxxps:// › pmc › articles › PMC7405774
Aug 5, 2020 — Melatonin can be beneficial in critically ill patients via reducing vessel ... on coronaviruses, especially coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

I got the list of supplements over the counter from a physician for covid at home preventatives and treatment for mild cases. Melatonin I recall was suggested by the dr. to my houseshare.

I shall write up the supplements suggested in Covid Dont read if you are anxious already thread. But, If you are on it, and it works for you, it may also help prevent covid wave 2.
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