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Ketamine for depression
(10-23-2019, 07:04 AM)Psyboi Wrote:
(10-20-2019, 05:00 PM)DopamineDeficient Wrote:
(10-13-2019, 07:14 PM)irie311 Wrote: Yes this deffiently worked for me, I wanna try the new nasal spray and iv sessions. How hard is it to get on, does anyone know.
Tbh I think IV would be easier because it's out of pocket and most docs who do it are looking to make $. If you've never tried an antidepressant before, you'd probably have a hard time getting it, but if you have a history of treatment resistant depression it should be pretty easy. I had an initial eval and got approved for the IV or nasal spray at one local [email protected] clinic, but it turned out that the insurance coverage on the nasal spray sucked and so I didn't end up following through. I just got it from an IOP which ended up being much cheaper. 
I'm still kinda skeptical of the nasal spray tbh. Afaik there haven't been any studies directly comparing [email protected] to IV or IM [email protected] [email protected]

So sorry correct me if I am wrong, you need to go through various treatments of @nti-depressants (that I know do not work properly with my body in order to try to acquire a treatment that I am almost positive works?, what a world.
Well generally you have to try them to know whether or not they work for you. [email protected] is up there with like TMS/ECT as a kind of last resort treatment.
This is very interesting and something I will be looking into. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
I always feel a mood lift the days after doing some ket. So excited to be tasting some more soon. It’s been so long and stress levels have been out of control lately.
Ket can have psych3delic effects (hallucinati0ns.) There is now evidence that in the hands of a trained therapist, psych3delics can have amazing effects on anxiety and depression. There has also been another psych3delic -- I forget the name -- that is now used in-patient for port-partum depression. Research on other psych3delic is ongoing and looks great. I suspect psych3delic treatment will mostly be done on an in-patient basis, though.

There is a new book on psych3delics by a best-selling author. I will try to find out the book's name.
Maybe my depression isn’t as severe as others but I could not imagine ket helping with depression at all, I haven’t had all that much experience with [email protected] k but it sure is a strange drug
"If you are at peace, you are living in the present" 
Trying to get [email protected] covered by insurance has been impossible.

I know of a [email protected] but he is pretty pricey. This seems to be the biggest complaint.
I heard they started doing ketamine infusions here, I know a few people that have done it but unfortunately didn't get any results. I used it for my fractured nose and busted up leg and for some reason it gave me anxiety, I guess I don't react well to it? (Was a low dose)
I have a friend who has used K for anti-depression purposes. She told me she found that higher doses allowed for more introspection (I am not recommending this, please be cautious). Her experience was intriguing and she does seem happier than before she started her “treatment”. But if it were me I might try other avenues before this method. Just my 2 cents!
Ket works really well for depression short term in high doses but i am not so sure about its effects on using it long term for depression.
I have used it just to get into the K-hole on various occasions and for the following day my depression was gone but then it returned the day after.
In regards to using it in small amounts for long term use for depression i don`t think it would be a very good idea because it ruins the inner lining of your bladder and eats away at it like acid. Just watch a few docs on people that have used it long term and they are now pissing blood or using a catheter just to piss. It would be great if they could do some better studies on using it short term to cure depression but another problem with K is that you build an immunity to it so fast that i just can`t see how it would work unless it was just used weekly to avoid the immunity build up.

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