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What is so special about Xanax???
For me, the trouble with Xanax, which has been purchased by prescription and supplied by a legitimate Pharmacy is not the problem.
The problem is fake Xanax - which has become increasingly available in the past few years.

What is being sold as Alprazolam can actually be Fluorinated Alprazolam.
The advantage for the manufacturers of FluAlp is that whilst the effects are very similar to Alprazolam, it is MUCH stronger.
So each batch of FLuAlp diluted with inactive fillers at pressing time makes w-a-y more tablets than the same amount of Alprazolam = $$$ for the manufacturers.
And when the FluAlp is mixed well, it's difficult for consumers to tell the difference.
Even more problematic is that manufacturers can purposefully reduce the levels of excipients, so that consumers believe that they've been 'lucky enough' to come across a really good generic Alprazolam. Sad
People who have knowingly taken pure FluAlp report that very small doses produce much stronger sedative and anxiolytic effects than Xanax. 
You could think of FluAlp as Xanax-Mega-Forte.

We are all well aware of the problems caused by reckless use of Alprazolam, but no-one knows what problems lie ahead for those who find that they have (mistakenly) been taking FluAlp instead of Alprazolam.  
My guess is that the problems associated with FluAlp are likely to be comparatively exaggerated rather than diminished.
Only time will tell....

So, not to hijack the thread, but if you come across Xanax that you think is 'particularly special', you might now find yourself wondering if it's actually Xanax at all..... Huh
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
Cansel76 ...

We actually do not have "kiddos" on this site...
We are adults ...

Thank you and please ... Drive thru

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Cansel: We are a bit concerned about some of your postings. Some are good and some are kinda written differently. And that concerns us.

We in no way tolerate rec talk. Ice and I prefer actual chronically ill, chronic pain and anxiety members here. Adults.

No "kiddos" here. I know it is but an expression. But maybe post more carefully, cuz this is when we judge whether u stay here or not.

I so hope can sel does mean u vend on the side. Just sayin.(And I shall always back the opinion of my Ice Wizard colleague.)
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No other Benzo give me the peace that Xanax give me. Besides, it even give me less side effect that zolpidem , zopiclone, etc, when I use it for sleep .
Plus, if I take it at night, after a morning coffee, my memory , etc, is more than ok. That is thanks to the short half life.

For example, If I take a Soma, ( not a bento, I know ) I feel like a dumb person the whole next day, not matter how many coffee I take.
PLus, it you don't take it only one time per day ( I know not many person can do it, cause there will be a time where you will feel anxious ) you are not 24x7 on Benzo, meaning, less tolerance, less need to increase the dose over the time.

But, you need to know you. If you are the kind of addictive person, this is not a med for you, better go for a more longer half life bento, like clonazepam.
Good thread, thank you all.
Always look at the bright side of your life. 
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My nephew, a respiratory therapist got a small script of X, 6 .5mg tabs from Doc. I suggested clonazepam and gave him several with permission from my Sis, a Doc, dentist to be more clear. They worked very well but he said they did not give him the "High" that he had with Xans. I explained that these meds are not for the high, but to eliminate anxiety period. I declined to order any for him as I believe they can be dangerous and I think they are the most counter fitted B's? Best to You ALL-FF
(07-12-2020, 03:10 AM)AryaStark Wrote: I'm sure it's been said already but alp's give a lot of euphoria.  They hit quick and they just feel good.

Sorry but I have to disagree. I don’t feel like that at all to be honest. Would be nice, but for me it helps keep myself under control and stops my racing thoughts, nightmares and panic attacks. I’m well aware enough where I know most* of my triggers, and take to help control myself, but there are times where alp has helped me stop before loosing control. Living with anxiety and depression is hard enough, but when you find something that works for you and your being neglected by your doctors or insurance won’t cover what you need, etc. this forum is a blessing. That’s just my opinion, but everyone is different.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
Sorry to bring up this old thread, but after asking the question, I took a chance and ordered some. Likely the most readily available and was told were always a good solid brand, K$ as you likely guessed, 1mg. Been done with V for a year or two now but cheated as still on low dose Cl0Naz. Found the X to be strong! Not smooth and long lasting like my current C. I must say, when melatonin does not work, 1 and I am done! Guess I found a good sleep aid when mind is racing. We are all so different physically and psychologically it always amazes me at how differently things affect us.! Take Care Friends-FF
I'm with you, FF. Over the last year (and 2020 has been one heck of a year!) I could count on one hand the numberof times I've taken @lp during the day.
But a single dose 20mins before bed is such a blessing.
I will admit that a few years ago, I did find myself increasing my evening dose, but I'm pretty confident that was because of (a) the ease of availability and (b) I'm greedy. Rolleyes .
I remember that over one month I used our old friend [email protected] to get my @lp dose back down to my 'starting' dose again.   No probs.
And there's been no temptation to increase again.
I wish Melatonin worked, but we're all built differently, and it does not work for me.
Luckily, I know what I need to get a good night's sleep. And thanks to this Forum, I have access to get what is required.
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
Very pleased you have found what works for You. Awesome. I think it is our old friend as I just became aware that those mags are available. Any hangover type effect? So glad melatonin works most times as I know some of the scripted sleep aids are pretty powerful, Take Care Brother (Pretty pooch in Pic, Yellow Lab?, Great Breed)-FF

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