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That time of year!
woah. and i kept reading awhile back about chicago not delivering packages. idiots.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
It seems to happen every year.
In Dec & Jan U$PS was overwhelmed with volume. Packages which usually take 3-5 days through major destinations may now take 3-4 weeks just from Chi I$C. In December there are pictures posted of U$PS trailers holding mail which could not even brought indoors due to increased demand. Maybe they are still catching up...
Yes some packages are still delayed from December as I had some orders out for Auto parts (special ordered) for european models and won't see one until March, so yeah some are catching up some still delayed pretty good, hopefully everything will back to normal by March maybe april hopefully sooner.
So many moving chain, land and air transport, weather, Covid shutdowns, luck or absence of it. 2021 is the new 2020.
Levi you are absolutely right. Last year everyone was like,"2020 is the worst year ever." Now 2021 comes along and is like, "Hold my beer." Smile

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