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How the Narcissist and sociopath make u feel worse
6 phrases Narcissists and Sociopaths use to make you question your own sanity

6 Phrases Narcissists And Sociopaths Use To Make You Question Your Own Sanity
By Kris Di On Nov 7, 2019
It may be hard to believe, but sociopaths are all around us and we have all surely bumped into one or more at some point in our lives.
Plenty of people will not even notice they’re dealing with a sociopath until later.

People who play with your head may seem innocent. However, they usually want to manipulate you for their own gains. In addition, sociopaths are great manipulators and they are able to take control of almost anyone.

In a similar way, narcissists often manipulate people for their own benefit and in order to make themselves look good in front of others.

Have you had experiences with narcissists or sociopaths?
As soon as you learn about their tricks of manipulation, it will become much easier to recognize them. What follows are some of the most common phrases you will hear from a narcissist or sociopath.

1. You are just…
The blank can be filled to your choosing. Your spouse comes back home later than usual and smells like another person’s perfume. When you ask what’s going on, they say that you are just too jealous and paranoid. A sociopath will call you names and bounce off all criticism back towards you.

You could have a good reason to feel jealous, crazy or whatever else the sociopath accuses you of. Rather than hearing your concerns and talking about them, the sociopath will try to make you feel insecure. They truly believe that the problem never lies within themselves.

2. You don’t understand me
Gaslighting is a tool both sociopaths and narcissists often use to make a person who accused them feel guilty for accusing them like that ‘with no reason’. So, should you find yourself feeling bad about the things he or she does, try not to talk about them because at the end of the day it will all become your fault. They will use this tactic to appear innocent but you should know you are not looking at their real face.

3. You are too sensitive
They know your weak spots and gauge at them to see how much they can get away with. They hurl criticism and insults at you and belittle you until you eventually fall apart. And when you finally do, they accuse you of being overly sensitive. They turn the reactions they created against you because they seek to manipulate and make you appear insane.

4. Don’t be so dramatic

You are upset, but your pleas fall on deaf ears. They instantly dismiss your emotions by saying they are invalid. You are reading too much into it or being overly dramatic. You may have a very concise and logical argument, but the narcissist will push you down and make you question your self-worth. It doesn’t take long for you to start wondering whether your feelings and ideas are actually sensible and valid.

5. You are reading too much into it
Of course, we all sometimes dig too deep into things and when that happens we often think about things that are never truly there. Everyone is vulnerable at times.

Sociopaths will often try to irritate and prove you wrong in order to make you question your own intentions. They do all this with only one thing mind, and that is to make you feel insecure and crazy.

6. You would never survive without me
As soon as you start deconstructing the sociopath, their baser form of manipulation will become exposed. What they want with you is not a healthy relationship but control over you. Do not let them get their way. You can surely survive without them. Assuming you want to sleep better, stress less, and feel happy without having to take drugs or anything like that…

Do you think we may have missed some important tips here? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
7. Trust your initial gut instinct, stick to it, never deviate and stand firm.

7.1 Pack your bags n break the hell on out.

7.2 Never return....
About 1% of people are sociopaths (or psychopaths, if you prefer). That rises to about 10% of people amongst managers at work.

There is a very good book by Robert D Hare PhD called "Without Conscience" that explores the psychopaths among us. Jon Ronson's "The Psychopath Test" is a very readable take on this. He isn't an academic like Hare, so writes from more of a lay person perspective.
There are a lot of these people out there and I think social media enables this and society seems to condone and even reward these horrible people.

Many of us have health issues and these types of people will prey on this in fact they got after the elderly, the ill and people who have had hard times/circumstances and then pretend to sympathize and then come the stories-the favors-etc.

I have seen this in long term care homes-therapy clinics and in couples/addiction therapy.

Yes-it is never their fault and you are always wrong but "can you help me with this?" "I need help or rehab or I lost my meds" and then after you get them help they do not change just new excuses-especially around money and your time.  Really bad people and completely without conscience and will manipulate others without any remorse only denial.

Watch for the signs usually starts small and then rapidly escalates they will not understand boundaries at all.

Make it clear that you are done and when this does not work run/change your phone and just say "no" and mean it.

Very dangerous people and your best option is to get them out of your life once you realize what they are do not wait too long these are the kind of people that can permanently ruin your life. No joke.
Theres a great video about psycos I cant post it but you can find it in T3d.
How 1 in 20 are psycos .there glib .there manipulative , no empathy, social climbers .
And if you wonder if your one your not .cause if you are a functioning psyco you dont care your one .only a psyco could use these traits as a positive. ??
This seems like a place to put my current worries:

With the outbreak, these are the kinds of people that will try to manipulate you they literally wait for these opportunities to try to get back in your life or make workplaces toxic or create family issues and in general be the people they always have been.

Be extra vigilant people a crisis or service (bank/store/gas) disruption is just the "excuse" they wait for as if our lives were not hard enough...tired careful.
“You made me...” is one I know all too well. Without getting into too much detail I had a horrible pregnancy, had to stop all of medication, smoking etc. real quick... caused rapid weight gain and I was so unhappy with myself. I had an emergency c-section- so to say the least I was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. Not even 3 months after my daughter was born I found out my partner was cheating on me- his “excuse” was that it was MY fault for not wanting to do anything bc of several reasons. I was emotional, unstable, uncomfortable, self hating, tons of self doubt, not to mention I physically couldn’t. But instead of having his support I got blamed. You never know when someone’s true colors will show. I honestly don’t even think people realize they are being narcissistic sometimes, and it takes someone to call them out for them to actually think about their actions.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
I guess we are discussing a variety of different personality disorders that are quite markedly different. For me the big divide is between people who themselves suffer vs those who make others suffer. The latter takes us back to psychopathy (anti-social personality disorder). At work my manager is almost certainly in that category - he certainly has psychopathic traits that eventually caused me to become ill. This has yet to play out, but he runs rings around HR and certainly knows how to manipulate (although I have been gathering evidence). I'm sure he really does think the problem is with everyone else and not himself. However he's made about 35 people who work for him very unhappy.

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