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Preferred Benzo for Dependence
Benzos in general for dependency is a huge factor for recovery like any other drug you need to curve your tendencies somehow
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V. and believe it or not, librium, imho.
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I've used [email protected]@m in the past to do a long-term taper off of [email protected]@m due to phen's super-long half-life. Phen has the "advantage" of not being all that enjoyable, so while the general anxiety is not present and there seem to be way fewer panic attacks, I feel like a zombie for a couple of days and I'm not looking forward to the next dose. This is actually helpful to perform a successful taper off.

The problems? I've found it's not really carried anywhere because of these mental properties, and if you use a carrier to dose it, it tastes awful. Not as bad as @[email protected] (the absolute worst in my humble opinion), but pretty bad.

V is the second-best for tapering off, but has that "I want more" quality that one would want to avoid when trying to reduce/remove dependency. It's a delicate balance.
I prefer a moderate/ long acting every other day with a short acting taper. It’s a complicated titration but works very well.


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