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Which form of Buprenorphine helps you the most?
We have finally reached a point where we have plenty of options in terms of buprenophine treatment.
Buprenorphine tabs, films, at various strengths and with or without naloxone.   We have different generics of those, and new medications with buprenorphine recently approved.  Once monthly depot shots, and other companies using buprenorphine as a dependence medication as well as pain management option.  Which do you prefer?  Please describe in details strength, brand or generic, and if possible company who makes the one that helps you the most.
I prefer the strips because the bup is evenly distributed along the strip as opposed to pills. It also dissolves a bit easier and is more convenient. Don’t have to worry about it breaking in a wallet and turning to powder, fall out and loose it etc.
Very good point, only drawback was has been cost but there are generic films now, boy how time flies. Ive always done really well on films and good ole generic subutex.
I like subutex the best. But my doc will only prescribe me suboxone. Films. He won’t budge on it. Something in it makes my ankles swell up and my joints hurt worse than ever.
(12-17-2019, 10:08 AM)JK1976 Wrote: I like subutex the best.  But my doc will only prescribe me suboxone. Films.  He won’t budge on it.  Something in it makes my ankles swell up and my joints hurt worse than ever.

Same here, my doc switched me to subutex during my pregnancy bc he says it does less harm, but once my daughter was born he made me switch right back. I went from being on the lowest dose possible back to Films 3x a day. Very strange how they are so opposed to it especially when it sounds like your having allergic reactions.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
What’s the difference between subutex and suboxone? Is it possible the doctors could be profiting more off one than the other?
It’s def a money game. I’ve been on them for 7years. It’s much easier to obtain from a doctor then it used to be though. Thankfully. It can be a tremendous tool to help someone get out of the grips of addiction.

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