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thank u to Admin of Steel
It is sad because some people cannot get in yet. And i would hate for them to experience fear. Most people use the contact me Admin button on home page for me.

Honestly, I cannot give u the correct answer. U r in. So why mess with it?
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Encryption?? You may want to try Tutanota ...

Great service...


(03-10-2020, 06:59 PM)mr-nobody Wrote: Should we change our emails to the two you suggested? 
-mine is different like encrypted but  would be happy to comply if there are email issues that are new.
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Nemo me impune lacessit

Thanks to Admin and Charon for getting me back in. I definitely need some computer classes!

Big Grin
We missed u willie. But Steel walked people thru. He did say he found that only gmail and yahoo are happy campers with this forum.

That was several days ago. IF U NEED STEEL TO GET U IN, [email protected]
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
To Ice and Charon,

It works most of the time so for now I will just leave it be.

and to Ice this account-email contact is proton if I have to switch it will be to an accepted one as above.

Was tutanota one of them? -cannot see above screens while posting.

Anyway for now it seems to let me in most of the time and tech bites me every time so I will hang in there.

Thanks people.

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