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Working from home?
I've worked from home for 12 years now, and I love it.  However, I do realize the struggles for many of you.  I'm lucky to have a flexible home situation.  My husband and I are in our 60's, and he still works full time.  Our kids are grown, so we don't have children around.  I love having my own space during the day, because I can set my own work schedule from what's available.  My favorite times are from midnight through 4 or 5 am.  The house and neighborhood are lawnmowers or various other noises.  I do tend to work in shorts & a tee, but I'm not required to have a camera, just a landline.  Rolleyes   I understand the need for structure that several of you mentioned, such as getting up and getting dressed, and we all need some form of that.  Mine consists of setting up certain chores to be completed each day.  Oh, I love animals, and I currently have 5 large dogs and 3 cats.  They are perfect company for me during the day so that I don't feel isolated.  If you live constantly with other people or family members, it's very important to take a break and go somewhere to get some personal space, even if it's only to the grocery store.  Prayers to all.  ~M
(03-18-2020, 01:59 AM)Orange rabbit Wrote: Ice,
The pj had all kinds of colorful troll dolls on them no less!

Yes embarrassed like you can’t you believe.


HAHA!  That's funny, OR!  At least you HAD your jammies on.

(09-07-2020, 11:07 AM)Furyan66 Wrote: Greetings All,

Still working from home but it turns out to be bitter sweet.

Major petroleum company I work for was hit hard by pandemic and I they are completely eliminating all jobs at my facility as of 04/30/2021. People being let go in waves starting as early as October 2020 and I am lucky to be working on special project which requires my departments expertise and it this time will allow me to keep my position until the end 04/30/2021, "tentatively".

I will get a rather nice severance package for nearly 2 decades of service but of course the company put a clause in the the package that I have to ride this out to the end or forfeit my severance if I leave early. Also since my current end date is "tentative" they can move it forward or extend my end date since working from home since they have already announced the sale of the entire campus I used to work at . I have no way at all at this time to plan for whats next as my end date is tentative and they got me by the balz with the severance package.

This company has been good to me and I am grateful for the time I have left with the company, being able to work the rest of my tenure with the company from home and the severance but going to be hard at my age to start over again.

Could maybe get another position with company but that would mean moving overseas and not willing to do that.

Not knowing is the worst

Peace all and sorry for the rant


I love the way you keep the "positives" in mind in the face of adversities.  I wouldn't be willing to move either.  My husband and I have both faced changing jobs and dealing with age discrimination.  Hang in there with your great severance package in sight.  I'm sure a door will open when the time is right.  Prayers~M

Hey magnet1153 and everyone else who showed support.

Charon that was sweet message....

The way the world is right now I still realize how fortunate I still am. My faith will get me through but just a pain in the azz starting over at my age when I thought I had finally settled into a company that I would retire from. Just another challenge for me to conquer I guess.

Keeping on the subject of working from home it is a blessing but also a curse for someone who lives alone like me. Never thought I would miss my cube at the office. I met up with some friends from the office a week ago or so and I had not realized until then how much I had isolated myself without realizing it and how much I needed to get out and just cut loose. I did not realize how depressed I was until I actually took a peak back into my life before covad-19. It was an eye opener for all of us and we are getting together again soon.

If you live alone don't let this sneak up on you like I did. I'd love to get a dog but my condo does not allow them. LoL

PEACE and PRAYERS to all and stay safe...

"Another Day In This Carnival Of Souls"
I really miss it ? , even seeing people who used to annoy me! Sick of looking out the same window, feel listless all the time. Very hard to get motivated with work. Suppose we just have to keep on keeping on . I tried not to look too far ahead at the beginning but that’s harder now. When I feel down about it I try to count my blessings but sometimes easier said than done. Stay safe everyone ?
I used to dream about working from home.

Before I was signed off sick it became more like a nightmare.

I needed human interaction, to chat and laugh and see different surroundings. Every day was like Groundhog Day. 

When I go back I'm asking to go back into the office one day a week. Even if I'm the only one there. For my sanity.
The true difficulty with working from home for me has been actually getting work done -____-''. Isolation is no issue for me as matter of fact my little one just wont let me do any work lol...wanting attention every 5 minutes. Luckily my job has both home and on-site work. So I guess I get the benefit of both on certain days. I think it's the best combination in one sense but in quality of work does reduce at home since I am so tired from the days I work on the field.
Smile  Smile  Angel  Big Grin Tongue NoOb Sig
I didn't love remote work but now that I'm being asked to come back to a big office where we all have to be spaced I'm somewhat anxious as I've kind of grown accustomed to this. I had some medical issues this year and still am reeling from losing two co-workers last year. I'm also very grateful, just feel like it should be a choice and not a mandate if you've excelled at your job remotely. Joy wants eternity though, amiright?
My office is using a pilot program in June for remote work volunteers but then will enforce some form of hybrid work in July. I have absolutely no desire to go back and just thinking about wearing a mask all day and commuting gives me anxiety. I seeing people but I kind of got used to it!

We have 2 offices in India and they jumped the gun on reopening and now a lot of people are suffering.
A consistent sleep schedule is pretty important. I used to stay up late because you can work in your pajama's of course but now that I go to sleep at ten every night things have improved vastly.
I'm an oddball in that the weird parts of work that I could do at home, I would prefer to work at the office. It puts me in "that mindset" so to speak. The perks of working in ones pajamas and the morning beer aren't enough (and I like beer like a fat kid likes cake, I also like cake). I need the focus and zen of that white noise the humm of the fluorescent lighting, its all part of the work experience to me. Most of what I'm doing at the moment is paperwork so it can be done elsewhere, and I still prefer the commute to having to self-discipline. The allure of Hulu or Netflix is too much.
My wfh days are almost over snd i def have anxiety about going back to the office. Ive gotten so used to this routine. But maybe it wont be so bad having a reason to get out of my pj’s in the am!
Time to really watch what i eat bc none of my “work” clothes fit.

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