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Thank you so much for this post, Charon. I had a relative who lived to 107 and she told me such stories about the 1918 flu. I wish she was still here so I could talk to her. I also wish I could help people instead of just sitting in my apartment. Stay safe sweet, mighty, Charon. You are a treasure.
Charon your words about New Yorkers is so true and comforting . I remember after 9/11 how we all came together and I know that will happen again. It’s not in our nature to isolate rather help each other but right now isolating is the best thing we can do for each other and most importantly our treasured health care workers on the front lines.
Cuomo is really rising to the occasion in NY. His father is up in heaven proud.
i shall limit coronavirus info in this wee area so that those with severe anxiety issues, like myself (but not when i am in ministry mode,) can avoid it easily.

NY has enuff ventilators to meet immediate need. Some of the donated mask equipment was fake. But, in about 3 weeks or sooner, we shall hit the highest number of ill. I believe fifty per cent are under age 50. No underlying health issues.

And now we know if one goes on a ventilator in ICu, normally, they use ventilator four days. coronavirus people need it for almost a month. And those whom use a ventilator or that long, don't live. organs shut down.

The damn stimulus bill is not for the poor nor the elderly. People can receive 1200 $ as a one time payment. to keep them afloat. with rents that we have?

Many elderly moved out of nursing homes to the safety of a family member. And according to this bill that passed,
these people are ignored by the financial help. U will be deemed a dependent of ur family. and get nada it seems.

The $2 trillion stimulus package passed by the Senate Wednesday night provides enormous loans to airlines and other businesses as well as rebates of $1,200 to most low- and middle-income U.S. adults. But the legislation bars an important group from receiving rebates: elderly and disabled adults who are financially dependent on family members. The result is that the largest aid package in U.S. history — intended to afford relief from the consequences of COVID-19 — gives nothing at all to millions of people in the population segment most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

Throughout the debate over the bailout bill, senators offered no explanation for this striking omission. The cost of extending rebates to elderly and disabled dependents would have been well less than 1% of the package’s total price tag. But even while they allowed up to $50 billion for airlines and a $17 billion set-aside reportedly written for Boeing, senators refused to provide a dime in direct aid to elderly and disabled individuals who rely financially on family members.

There is, to be sure, much to praise in the package, which is headed for a vote in the House this Friday. The bill boosts benefits for workers who are on sick leave or have lost their jobs. It offers additional support to hospitals and ensures free COVID-19 tests for Americans who have private health insurance — provided that they find a way to get the test. And it will give rebates of $1,200 for most U.S. adults with income below $75,000 (or double that for most married couples). But another 12 million Americans — including approximately 4 million seniors who are financially reliant on their grown-up children, and other disabled adults who depend for support on relatives — will receive nothing.

Some of these elderly and disabled adults recently relocated from assisted living facilities to family members’ homes out of fear of contracting COVID-19. Some will face additional out-of-pocket medical costs if and when they become ill. Many are losing access to a variety of services due to social-distancing measures and are becoming increasingly reliant on relatives for care. And for the families in which these individuals live, the presence of an additional dependent means an additional mouth to feed at a time when income streams are drying up.

The provision that excludes elderly and disabled dependents from aid is tucked away on page 146 of the 880-page bill. It stipulates — through a chain of cross-references — that adults will be ineligible for any rebate if they could be considered the “dependent” of another taxpayer. The term “dependent” includes an individual who earns less than $4,300 per year in non-Social Security income and who relies on a relative for more than half of his or her financial support. (An adult who lives with and financially relies upon a non-family member also will qualify as a “dependent” if his or her own non-Social Security income falls below the $4,300 threshold.)

The exclusion of elderly and disabled dependents from the COVID-19 relief package was initially so surprising that it seemed like it might have been a scrivener’s error. The relevant language is copied from other parts of the code where the explicit exclusion of dependents is necessary to prevent taxpayers from claiming a double-benefit. But no such rationale applies here; adult dependents aren’t eligible for rebates themselves, and their family members can’t claim rebates on their behalf. And over the past several days, as the same language reappeared in successive drafts, it became increasingly apparent that the exclusion was not a drafting mistake.

so the rat bastard teens in the US whom are coughing and spitting on our health care pros, and our LE people et al, are being charged with acts of terror. Good. But, where are we gonna put them? just release them?

Two babies have been born with the virus.

So, i bet those little weasels whom played covid 19 tag with the elderly in ireland, awaiting food and meds at safe distances, will be arrested for acts of terror. And, now that we know that seemingly healthy young people are getting the coronavirus, those little weasels may very well have tagged the wrong group of people. They may test positive and die from the disease. YOU YOUNGINS JUST READ THE REPORTS. U ALL CAN GET THIS ILLNESS. AND, PROBABLY WILL. STAY HOME. OR U WILL WIND UP AS A TERRORIST, OR POSSIBLY DEAD AT HOME. OR, GOD HELP U, WHILST ON A VENTILATOR.

Ok, i detest checking news sites. And if one posts the name Jesus they get many a liked or loved on FB, but damn, they are brutal. tis a good thing i already have been called every buggary bollocks name in the book. So what are a few arse wipes on FB. I still leave prayer up. Best way to cope with the stress that i know.

Deaths doubled overnite in NYC. And then comes Westchester county. oh joy.

Do ur best all. Help another from a distance. Or just pray for others from home.

God be with all. May u have food and heat and water and a home to rest ur head in during these troubled times.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
good news: one can now use their computer and skype to contact a DR online to get basic meds like blood pressure and thyroid or such. dont count on PK it would be that eight hundred mg. ibuprophen which make the virus worse. nor anxiety meds.

trust me, many of us were on the frontline to have a Face to Face consult via computer. Place after place got shut down. We allowed insurance company buses to come to our house and the dr see us and some would get scripts. shut down.

Dont know if one can get antibiotics. in short supply. so now i hear they do not help prevent or cure this illness. i dont believe this claim. i would get bronchitis and pneumonia all the time when young. no one knew about lupus yet from dental implants. and amoxicillian then zithromax. it always worked.

but, am not sure telemedicine, cuz drs cannot take chances some of them, but its worth it to watch this and use for emergency meds. Check locally or again on FB. I mean this is what those homebound and terrified needed back yrs ago. Consider it for basic meds for ur parents or urself. But i know nothing further.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Luckily, me and my better half just picked up our Dr meds..
(BP, Carvedela (sp - slows heart rate), and a short list of others)

However, even the refills won't last forever...

Dire times indeed ... Please everyone, stay away from others as best as you can
for not only your sake, theirs as well .. We are all in this one together (apart)

A True Friend
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily,
Adventures Boldly,
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

[Image: rO7eOwh.jpg]
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Stay safe my dear friend Ice and my dear friend Charon.

And u stay confident and healthy urself. You are a glorious member of our family and I am eternally grateful for so much u have contributed.

all my love Ms. Orange Rabbit. Stay safe. And stay strong. VIRTUAL HUGS.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Honestly, I think I might have it. People in all my friend circles and neighborhood are testing positive. I was with a friend in the middle of March who is positive and his mom has it. I have had very mild symptoms for about two weeks (a bit achy, slightly sore throat, a bit trouble breathing, but no fever.) I'm not going to get tested unless my symptoms get worse because all the local hospitals are totally overwhelmed. I'm just staying home and trying not to spread it myself any further.

I have family in Italy and the stories they have are just heartbreaking.
Oh no Mr.Fussbudget. You need to get tested. Especially because you are having trouble breathing. Is there another place you can get tested other the hospital? Can you call you MD and checked at a clinic? Most clinics are not letting more than 1 person in at a,time. Please keep us updated.


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