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My recovery
Big Grin 
Hi all,

Sorry for not saying anything, but at 11 februari i got a call in the morning to get admitted to the rehab / psychiatric hospital.
I am home now after 31 days in the psychiatric hospital.
First week was sh*t, they put me on valium, every day we had therapy / group session's.
Second week i started on my own to tapper down to 0 benzo's, i wanted to leave the hospital without any benzo in my system.
I did great, only thing, i was kinda silent at the group session's. But it was no problem.
also i had a awesome roommate, watching movie's on netflix when we had no therapy.
So yeah, sorry for not saying anything, i had to leave in a hurry.
Now i only take a AD called sertraline, it has a anti-anxiety thing in it, but not addictive.

So i am doing great now, ofcourse we have to see what the future brings.
Glad to be back here and at home.
Hope you guys / girls are doing OK with the corona virus, Belgium is in lockdown atm.

Sven. <3

It’s wonderful to hear from you. We were concerned, you did sound really down in your last posts.

I’m glad you found this new medicine. (I need to check on that) and wish you all the best in your recovery.

Thanks for posting.

Hello Kristofel. Smile   Congratulations on tapering & I hope the Sertraline/Zoloft helps you.  I was on Zoloft at one time & it did help my depression & anxiety.  I hope you find success with it too.    All the Best.
This too shall pass. Heart
Kristofel is a good man .
He has been to Hell and back

I only wish him the absolute best in his journey
I know he can do what he set his mind to

Hang in there my dear friend.

Semper Fidelis

[Image: SyAa0qj.png]

Nemo me impune lacessit

Congrats on the successful recovery! Even though you don't know me, I'm proud of you and wish you well on your continuing journey. We are always here to offer a helping hand.
Well, its not same as a benzo.

It took some time to work, it kinda balances out everything.
Its hard to explain how it feels, i cannot think of a example how it feels.


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