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**** P.S.A. ****
Iv had my protonmail hacked .and I think by a minor because of their language either a child or someone mentally challenged.
I emailed my vendor for my usual msg and I was asked what my usual order was .game up I taught .I enformed Charon and my vendor .and I was right there email had been hacked .if they had done some homework they could of scammed me out of a nice few quid .
But when the guy says so always go with your gut .
Thanks Charon and ice you do a gteat job
Man the fact that you even have to deal with/look out for this kind of BS is sad. People really are shameless and will do anything to make a buck, doesn’t matter how sick or in need their victim is… & the best thing we can do is try to be vigilant/warn eachother about the newest potential “con’” to have have caught on so as to minimize the damage they can do.

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