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Best CBD product for pain relief?
Has anyone came across a cbd product that genuinely works for pain? My mother suffers from chronic pain from several different ailments, but mostly due to a degenerative disc disease. She’s regularly tested, and cannot have thc. Also, does anyone know of any products with low thc and mental effects, that work for pain? She could possibly get a medical card, but is not interested in the mental high, just desperate for pain relief. She’s built a tolerance to her current meds and is not given the option to increase dosage. In my opinion marijuana could amplify the effects of her current pain medication and give her some relief. Thanks in advance for any help!
Sorry to hear ur mom is in such pain, I’d def recommend tch but since she can’t have that a CBD
Tincture would be the best option in my opinion, second option would be a cream. There are many great brands out there, depending on her tolerance level could try starting with a lower mg for tincture but for creams I’d recommend higher mg. Usually best brands will have MCT oil mixed in with them. Royal is a top name that goes up to 2500 in strength. Very easy to take and acts quickly.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
I’ll look into that! She would have to ask her doctor, if she did obtain a card if she would be allowed to have thc in her system. But, she is not one to be comfortable with the metal high. I’m thinking there has to be a strain out there with low mental effects but high physical effects. She wouldn’t want to smoke either, so defiantly a tincture or a gummie would be best.
Strains are tough since everyone reacts differently. I find [email protected] works the best for me. Helps with pain, and with a lower percentage of tch you don’t get the mental part and only need a small amount. Other strains also work but I personally don’t like [email protected]@ because I end up not being able to sleep even with a small percent. I’d go with the tincture over gummy for cbd. Gummy would take a while to take effect maybe hour while tincture you get relief in 5-20 minutes but it’s all about preference. I’ve been learning a lot about it since I got my card so feel free to ask any questions and when you get ur 50 you can pm me too. Happy to help Smile
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
You’ve seriously helped a lot! I never even thought about her trying the creams, but looking into those more now, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. She also has severe anxiety and depression. Which I think the oil would touch all of those bases as well. Thinking about going ahead and ordering from royal or diamond. Still looking into it though, trying to figure out which mg she should go with. Thanks again!
Of course, this forum is all about helping each other out. If your trying to figure out how to start here’s a simple breakdown: 

First, you’ll need to divide the total amount of CBD per bottle by the size of the bottle in mL. 
This will give you the amount of CBD per mL. Most bottles come with a dropper that is designed to pull exactly 1 mL of liquid when you squeeze the bulb and some have measurements in mL on the dropper. Once you know how much CBD is in each mL, you’ll know how much to take. A 1 mL dropper holds approx. 20 drops of liquid. If you really want to get technical, you can divide the mg/mL by 20 to get the amount of CBD in each drop, but it’s not necessary to count each drop.

So if you have a 30 mL bottle of CBD  containing 1000 mg CBD in total. You would divide 1000 by 30 and get approximately 33. That means each mL of that bottle contains about 33 mg. 

Tip: Hold the CBD oil tincture under your tongue for at least 15-30 seconds before swallowing so that it gets absorbed into the blood vessels. Otherwise it will have to pass through your digestive tract.

Then you can use this chart to go by how much to start off, it’s just a recommendation but helps to get an idea since it goes by the strength, weight, how severe the pain is etc.

~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! She thanks you as well! I want to get some edibles for myself, with thc. I’ve tried a nerds rope once before and it was awesome to say the least. I’ve been dying to get another, but like I said, where we are I need to acquire a med card to access anything like that.
Hi Pwrpuffgirl,

What you want is CBD Isolate. It is greater than 99% purity, so you don’t have to worry about THC showing up like you do with other hemp items, and if you buy it in bulk it is incredibly affordable. I have degenerative disc disease, and the isolate certainly amplifies my relief that I get from my regular pain medication, so I can take a lower dosage and still get the same relief. has the best prices on isolate in their bulk section. I’ve ordered many times, and I recommend. They will also give you a 40% disability discount, if you register your handicap I’d with them. I hope that they can help you out.

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