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Pre-Employment Drug Screening
Just got done reading about the 2 most common screenings, the 5 and 10 panel tests. Nothing for me to worry about with the 5 panel, but the 10 panel detects B's. Have a current script for clonazepam and was wondering if the test can distinguish between the C's and the several other pams, one of which I do not have a script for but take occasionally? Also, are B's a disquailifier for employment even with a script? Any thoughts or experiences on this subject would be appreciated. Thank You-FF
If you have a medical and a script,  you will be fine in 99% of cases.
The 1% lies in the area of what you have to do day to day - for example if you’re going offshore they may refuse, but any other job should be fine.

If Ben shows up they will send your blood to a lab, the lab will be able to distinguish exactly which Ben is in your system.

But it’s ok imo, if a Dr scripted you then it would be discrimination and borderline illegal to not give you the job.

I do believe you can ask for medical person to not mention it (as it’s confidential)

But, there is always a but - make sure you’re not taking any controlled sub with no script.
If your test shows a positive the lab will call you before reporting to employer your results. They will ask you for copy of your RX.

If it is urine test you take at the office with your HR person. The HR person will ask for a RX and it should show you as negative results since you are taking RX legally. This info is suppose to stay with HR and not to your supervisors or coworkers.

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