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Why are Anxiety and Depression always linked together by doctors?
I have been dealing with GAD and Panic Disorder for most of my life. The panic can definitely be brought on more by stress, but I do suffer from full blow oh-my-god-I’m-dying panic attacks from time to time. Made a few useless trips to the ER where they basically said you’re fine and just need to calm down.(Much more frequently within the last few months with the current state of the world). 

Sometimes they will come on with no warning and with no obvious triggers. It’s just a sudden feeling that strikes me. The room starts to close in on me and I have a weird sensation that nothing is “real.” I start having a choking sensation and when it’s real bad my whole body cramps up to the point where I can’t move my limbs and they are stuck in uncomfortable positions. I do practice different grounding techniques and breathing excercises that I have found helpful in the past to help keep it together. Also on SSRI and prescribed a low dose of Benzos for when I need them.

On the depression side of things, I really don’t feel like I am depressed at all. I am quite happy with my life, my job can be stressful but it pays well and I get on with my coworkers. Love my girlfriend and have a very close group of friends I’ve had for years. I have hobbies I enjoy and I dont find any real lack of motivation.

But my question is, why is it that every doctor I speak with about my anxiety just assumes I am also depressed? They only want to talk about antidepressants. Always ask if I am suicidal, lack of interest, etc. it’s like they don’t think anxiety and depression can be two totally separately things and don’t need to be lumped together under the same umbrella. It’s just frustrating and I’ve always wondered if there was a reason for this. Anyone have any input or similar experiences?
Anxiety and depression do quite often go together, but I agree with you that doctors tend to assume you have both. I can identify with you as I have GAD, but thankfully not full on panic attacks. I might be slightly depressed but that's mainly due to real world events - things that most people would find upsetting. It isn't true depression, I've been there before and I know what it's like and this is not proper depression. But I'm being treated with an antidepressant that has some horrible side effects - it's early days so it should improve, but I sometimes feel the cure is worse than the problem.

Anyway I suspect doctors making the anxiety=depression link aren't simply working on the basis that they often co-exist, I think some of this is about justifying to patients why they are being given an SSRI rather than a benzo.
Do you think your antidepressant meds make any difference? Idk is a side effect of anti anxiety can cause depression. If it does and person being a little depressed could become very depressed.
(Yesterday, 11:14 PM)Okokok Wrote: Do you think your antidepressant meds make any difference? Idk is a side effect of anti anxiety can cause  depression. If it does and person being a little depressed could become very depressed.
I personally have not found them helpful for my anxiety in the slightest. I have experienced an increase in my mood and a bit more motivation. I usually wake up with a sort of ready to take on the day attitude like I had a cup of coffee. But for me, my anxiety comes in waves and usually in the form of panic attacks. If anything I think the anti-depressants have caused more frequent anxiety because I find myself having racing thoughts and feel more stressed out. They also keep me up at night.

I actually told my doctor yesterday I was having these side effects and she acted completely shocked. She said in 20 years of practicing medicine she has never heard of a patient getting a stimulating  effect from lexapro. Which is funny because you can find info about this happening to people all over the internet.

Anyways now she put me on Buspar and is weening me off the SSRI. Buspar I’ve found useless so far but I’ve only taken it a couple days. She also recommended I see a psychiatrist as she thinks my issues are too complex. I really just think she doesn’t have much experience and knowledge in treating anxiety/panic disorder. Now I just need to find a good Psychiatrist that is actually willing to help me

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