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Hi everybody!
Hi guys! So excited to be a part of this forum! I’m very new at this, but I will just tell y’all a little bit about me. I’m from a small town I’m MS and I’m as southern as can be! I hope y’all don’t ,ind a sweetheart here, and a sugar there, just using my manners my mama gave me! I went to small university and graduated 3 years ago now with a bachelors in Nursing and Biology. I am currently studying to become a nurse practitioner, but for now I am working in my little town’s ER. I love the excitement and rush of the ER and I can’t wait to get to know more of y’all!!  Smile
Heart We should all have patients  Heart
Welcome to our wee family....

I can hardlly wait to read your posts...

A True Friend
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily,
Adventures Boldly,
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

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Well NurseJackie I am glad u found the welcome thread area.

Welcome, May u find all u need.

The rules which we do enforce:

Five posts max in any 24 hour period until u achieve fifty posts. At that point You may make ten posts a day. and PM. and see more vendors.

Looking forward to your posts.
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Very nice to meet you Nursejackie, I hope you find this place to be informative and helpful. The people around here are really nice and you seem like a nice gal, I'm certain you'll fit right in. I look forward to getting to know you more in the days and weeks to come.

Welcome to the club!

Welcome Nursejackie. This is a great forum and source of information and I'm also looking forward to what you have to say too :-)
Rules are strictly enforced and we have great moderators.
BTW, I have a lot of admiration for the work you do. Glad you enjoy it...these are challenging times
Love your name Nurse Jackie.

Hi Nursejackie... Smile

Welcome to the forum.
Hello Nursejackie! Great name! And what a wonderful career, I'm envious! Can't wait to hear more from you around here!
Welcome to the club! We could use a little bit of that Southern Hospitality Smile
“Do the Day, and let the Day do You.”
Welcome Nursejackie , looking forward to seeing ya around. Btw i am also in same state, on the coast.

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