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Stop, Drop and Read the Buggary Bollocks Rules

Please take the time to re read the rules above captioned.

You can only make five posts in any 24 hour period. So if u end by ten pm on Monday night with five posts, u must wait until tuesday night at ten pm to start your new five posts.

At fifty posts, u can make ten posts in any 24 hour period.

We don't take this B S lightly. We watch you now as we don't want to give up our hard learned info to strangers whom don't want to keep us safe and follow our rules.

Last guy, his rush to 150 caused me to suspend his rights to post. At that time I received private email confirming my suspicions this newbie was using every vendor to set himself up as a vendor here.

He still cannot post.

We don't have to tell u to read the rules. We have absolved ourselves of playing Romper Room and babysitting you.

But when one of you overposts, I get all the mod reports cuz many of us have been doing this for more years than some of you have been alive.

Follow the frigadelic rules.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
smart words charon would never want to upset anyone here as this place has been incredible not following the rules is not an option i remember when i first joined i made a mistake posted over 5 a wonderful mod n admin gave me the benefit of doubt and never again have i crossed a rule as i learned that every rule is put in place and this should not be done as lots of people depend on this for helping only themselves

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