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Going to a detox/rehab for my first time, nervous.
I believe a lot of us wish we had the courage to take the journey you are about to embark on! As mentioned above I also have been a do it yourself kind of person, and other than tapering off 40 mg Diaz (with the help of clonaz and beer) I have failed miserably every time. Seems as though you get to feeling so good and in control of your life that I was always sure I had it under control and thought I could manage intake,Wrong!! Prayers and Best to you and the fact that you REALLY want this, should help immensely. When you return, please post, and maybe share what you feel were the most valuable things you learned that may help those of us who need help. REALITY IS WONDERFUL NAMELESS! Get there, stay there, and keep in touch-FF
Nameless. I hope everything worked out and went well. Going into rehab for the first time is very very scary. All unknown. The anxiety can be all consuming. But don’t listen to your mind so what your heart knows is the right move!

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