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Are sources drying up?
(02-08-2021, 07:33 PM)lalimitededition Wrote: I do not think they are drying up I just think things are checking.  I am in full contact with my vendor, making new subs, receiving.  Everything is A-OK except extreme shippping timez

That is so good to hear and reassuring.  Patience have never been one of my virtues, but boy have I learned a lot all through the Virus and becoming much more patient about many things.
We actually have vendors whom still can get through. These wonderful people have been using various methods to get product to members in need as quickly as possible.

Keep doing your allotted number of posts per 24 hour period, with the goal of 150.

We have more vendors for committed members. *i could have spelled that for pysch wards.*
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I agree with lalimitededition. Vendors themselves seem to have no problem with their own supply, the problem is delivery services, which were always unpredictable at the best of times, and right now are even less so (unless all you predict is delays). 

And not all of the delivery problem is overseas. Many strange things went on here with USPS in the last days of the Trump administration: e.g. in what seems like an attempt to discourage people voting by mail, USPS mailboxes started disappearing, only to be replaced after people complained. It seemed an odd strategy: I don't know a single democrat who would go to all of the trouble of filling out a mail-in ballot, walk to the mailbox, find it isn't there, and go "well, I just won't vote then". The madness implied by such a plan, by people who are presumably still working there, is very scary.

Meanwhile, it seems like delivery services of all kind are stressed currently, as those people who can afford it (and there are many here who can) order everything delivered. Porch pirating has become its own pandemic here. People follow the delivery guys around and steal any packages as soon as they are left. 

With the rise of cheap webcams, there's plenty of video of these things posted on social media, but police (rightly) currently have higher priorities than chasing petty theft. Also rampant currently, is garage break-ins, where they break the glass and then reach through to pull the manual door release. The most stolen items are bicycles. And Prius catalytic converters.

I have a bird in the air which, according to tracking, has spent a week just sitting at US customs. I'm hoping that's just ordinary covid delay, and not the foreshadowing of an LL. 

Thanks. I feel better. Be well. 


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