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Back from 60 days of rehab!
Congratulations nameless! That is a tremendous feat. May all of your hopes and dreams in the future come true friend.
Thank you everyone for your support. Although I didn't relapse on my DOC I relapsed on bad "party dr,ů.gz" which I'm now suffering the consequences for physically. I feel so guilty with everyone's genuine, nice words. I had a slip cause someone just gave me stuff for free - and being in methadone post acute withdrawal is so shitty. I just wanted out but not with opiates. But that was me fooling myself. Addiction is a bitch.
What I can say now is lesson learned. I'm going back to school and would love to make something of myself and my life. With drugs I've spent thousands, and nothing to show for it other than track marks and now health issues. Any drug can kill you just opiates kill your quicker.
To anyone struggling with addiction, I feel for you. Thank you everyone again for your given time to send me positive words. I beyond appreciate you all.
Hi nameless- I’m rooting for you. Your honestly and intention seems pure. All we can do when we get knocked down is stand up again and try again. Sending you lots of positive vibes.
(04-27-2021, 05:45 PM)happyvibe Wrote: Hi nameless-  I’m rooting for you.  Your honestly and intention seems pure.  All we can do when we get knocked down is stand up again and try again.  Sending you lots of positive vibes.

It's so true. I stopped using, flushed it all down the toilet. I'm on lyrica and clonidine now but don't even want to rely on meds, im still pretty young. I got bloodwork done though and have high levels of hemoglobin which also causes rapid weight loss and rapid heart. Might have to drain blood because it thickens it. Thank you for the positive vibes, happyvibe  Heart  hope you're doing well and feeling mentally and physically well.
Nameless, you are so close. Hold on. Relapse is part of recovery for many. I hear your ability to clearly see what your new goals are. It will be difficult as all hell, but I have faith you can do this.

Don't be so hard on yourself. I do thank God that the free stuff you got did not have an added ingredient which could have done you severe harm. I read so many cases of people in NY suburbs whom were busted for hoarding and selling meds that had the horrific F added to them. So maybe, let the fear of finding the F drug help u to steer clear in future.

But, still, well done. Keep your goals. Prayers, love and HUGS, precious going up for you.

I have faith in you to do this. And in God to help. HUGS.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

Nameless, I was just thinking about you and your recovery and wondered how you are doing now

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