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I think I am one of many who believe that the forces that are causing such issues will eventually subside to some degree and that many of our friends will adjust? How long that will be I wish I knew! Nice chance for many, myself included, to begin a gradual taper and really look at what we are doing too ourselves? Doing a bit of research on B's and had no idea about long term side-effects. I have been experiencing them for the last year, loss of memory and the list goes on and on. Just wanted to wish you all well and this may be a time for reflection. So used to cheap quality, I was guilty of just numbing myself as though it would never end. With zero anxiety, I am not living the life I should as some anxiety is an important part of the human codition and helps protect us. Not making a blanket statement for all, but this has sure been a wake-up call for me! Best to You All.-FF
Hope you are doing well FF, I wish you nothing but the best of luck!
You make a great point FF. Sometimes i just want to go about my day in a numb bliss but some anxiety is the cost of being alive.
So true, and a refreshing point of view, ff!  I wish you well.
fishfarmer- Interesting. I have been thinking along similar lines. My situation is different but maybe now it the time for the next chapter!
I’m glad you brought this topic up. I was already beginning to take a deeper look within myself in the past year or so and trying to reduce the amount I was taking. I was starting to see some serious negative side effects and realized I was at a point where quitting completely would take quite a bit of work and determination. I was not only mentally but physically dependent , but luckily I have been able to make some significant progress which gives me hope that one day I can be comfortable just being myself.

These are tough times, but as you said it is a time to reflect and think about it we are truly happy with where we may be in our lives. No matter your path, stay strong and have faith during these times, best wishes to all!
Hi Jimmy, and Welcome! Getting back to moderation slowly and I fell into the trap many have! Very Cheap Quality, and most thought it would never end. Very sad for many who cannot afford the cost these days. Reading posts on every Vendor, seems like some are starting to send birds that are landing .With a broke Gov. I think this nightmare may end soon. Enjoy Your journey here at IOP-FF

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