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Hello everyone.  I’ve been a member since 2017 but never posted. My name is V. I had been a loyal customer for some of the previous vendors that are no longer around.  I had some problems with the benzos for a few years. Wound up in rehab and it was horrible going thru withdrawals after eating 20 Xanax a day for 3 years straight. Took me a good 6 months off of them to stop shaking and having racing thoughts and actually sleep.  Since then my doc has put me on a low dose benz which I don’t abuse but always seem to come up short each month.  30 pills for 30 days.  While my job is very stressful and a lot of responsibilities anxiety and stress are always a constant.  While I am not going to ever go back to 20 xans a day it is nice to have something extra around for the stressful times.  I came back to the board recently for some help and it is good to see the same people I listened to in 2017 here.  I tried MM recently and hope he comes through.  Anyway just wanted to say hello
This is a start

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