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Thanks FF, people probably think it's weird asking about caffeine as it's obviously ubiquitous but if you don't think, you don't know.

Anyways I did try a couple of fully caffeinated coffees a couple of weeks ago in the morning and felt great. It definitely gives you a lovely focus boost but as you said I definitely felt edgy in the afternoon which i didn't like so I've decided it's not for me.

But interesting that your Psych doc encouraged you to give it up. Did he say why?
Don't give up on coffee now!!  Big Grin

One of the best kinds are Starbucks Iced coffees!!!!  I have a Starbucks about 5 minutes away and I can get there
thru parking lots (which is actually a bad thing!!  lol) !!!  Cool

 Love love love the iced coffee flavors. 
And you can get a half caf - a small boost of caffeine but lots of other nice fattening flavors!!!

Slick  Heart
Drive through Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are the best (or worst!) Thing that ever happened to me lol bad thing is when I’m in my car and I stop for coffee through the drive-through now my dogs expect a puppucinio. :-)
Haha  Big Grin Slick ok I'll have to give the ice coffees a go and that is a good idea re the half caf!

What's your favourite Starbucks iced coffee flavour?  Heart
Awwww!!  How sweet is the puppucinio happyvibe!!  Smile

Grovedale - my number ONE fav is the Iced Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream - which is more calories than I
need in a day!!  But you can order a half caf lite one (no whipped cream). 

Just check out the Starbucks menu on your phone before hand
because you can sit there and try to read the menu but there is a half caf and a no caf menu!!!  Enjoy!!

One of the simple pleasures in life!!!  Big Grin

Had a V-8 energy drink the other day, bought a 6 pack as they were out of regular V-8. Glad you all can tolerate caffeine! This caffeine comes from tea according to the can. Did not agree with me at all. Used to call them mini-thins or Wh1te Cro$$, could get at any convenience store. Now gone for obvious reasons. Seemed to help me focus and energize a bit. Gone forever, Crazy World! Enjoy your Coffee, etc. everyone! FF

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