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I’m new!
Hi y’all, I’m Beeker. Thanks Mr hind for the direction. I’ll make sure I read the rules going forward!

Welcome Beeker. May you find all you need herein.

The rules:

Please read and re read the rules. Get a feel for how we speak here. We rather speak in code.

Five posts in any 24 hour period. At fifty posts, u may PM and u see another level of our forum. I believe you can do ten posts a day at that time, but we just had a runner, so I would suggest that ye not run to 150. Take your time.

Enjoy. There are many good, kind and helpful people here.

98 degrees here in NY now. Yowza!!

We are family here. Have a glorious day.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you Charon, I’ll read the rules very carefully.

Welcome aboard beeker! as Charon mentioned there are a lot of awesome people here and helpful information as well great family here, we all have our issues but are here to help one another. stay safe...HR.
Hey there Beeker,
Welcome the the forums!. Hope you find form helpful info and before you know it you will get you 50 posts. It can seem a lot but they all add up. Slowly every day. Smile
Peace on you

Welcome aboard. Don't be afraid to read, re read and then read the rules once you more. It'll guarantee you won't violate one and this place is a gold mine of info. Welcome.
Ditto my friend Xeno! And thanks Mr. Hind, Glad you are with us Beeker! Hope your journey is fulfilling! Welcome and Enjoy all the wonderful information that good people have posted over the years!!-FF
Thanks y’all for the warm welcome and tips! I’m a lay low read threads and go easy!


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