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Life managing anxiety post pandemic
Hey y’all, I wanted to start this thread to see what it’s like for some of us since the pandemic. Did it create more anxiety? New anxiety? It did for me! Especially working with the general public. Everyday felt like roulette! How did some of y’all deal and work through it?


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Hi Beeker25!
I think for me it created a new anxiety where i was feeling very hopeless about humanity and constantly worrying about my love ones getting sick. Also wfh everyday i missed the distraction of other people to get me out of my head!

Things now are better and after having covid im less fearful of it. But my anxiety manifests itself in different ways. Always keeping me on my toes :-)
Hey Happyvibe. Thank you for sharing. For me it was a lot of that as well. My COVID was pretty minor so I got lucky. But I know what ya mean as far as anxiety manifests differently. Forever changing!


Heart Heart True success is true happiness  Heart Heart
Good question... no doubt it made me anxious about passing COVID on to older family members... although I was also less worried after I had COVID. Unfortunately my dad died of COVID and I'll never know precisely how he caught it (although I know it can't have been me).

During the main pandemic when we were advised to keep physical distance, I'd watch movies and get quite stressed if characters got too close together! Good thing I don't watch romantic comedies! lol

I still avoid busy places if they don't seem well ventilated. If I absolutely have to go there, then I wear a FFP3 mask (99% filtration - it's a European standard). I had to take my mother to hospital last week and was horrified by people coughing everywhere who wouldn't wear a mask (they were provided for free). I know some people can't wear them, but less than half had a mask.

I reckon I'm a bit agoraphobic now and stay home more than I used to. The good news is my hand hygeine is now so good that I haven't had a cold for ages, ok, I'm tempting fate! ;-)

@happyvibe I know what you mean about worrying for humanity. I was convinced civilisation would collapse - or at least really serious food shortages and power blackouts. Now I have the same fear being in the UK, wishing we hadn't left the European Union, and looking anxiously at Ukraine/Russia. I think COVID conditioned me to be in constant emergency mode. Does that make any sense?
Hi barq- I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your father. I hope you are holding up OK.

I still worry about humanity specially living in the US and I see so much crime police brutality, Violence in schools I also worry for the younger generation that was forced to do remote school for so long I don’t know how that will affect them some might say the pandemic is behind us and I think it brought out the worst part of our society. Covid conditioned a lot of us that always that we were essentialy right.

I don’t want to sound like a negative Nelly! I try and read one happy story a day that just makes me smile! I’m always on Instagram looking for stories and laughing to myself hey whatever works!

When the war started in Ukraine I went through all my social media and blocked out news because I was getting too depressed again it’s harder for you because you live in that region but I pray that it ends soon although I do think it won’t.

Stay well all!

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