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Medical Card Question
One of my closest friends just had his state allow the use of medical marijuana with a card. My friend would qualify, and he is one of the most conservative users ever. Maybe twice per week he takes 1 or 2 puffs from a little 1 hitter and is out like a light. He tells me it's cheaper and more effective than his prescription for a popular sleep aid Lunesta, but he doesn't actually have the card yet. 

 His concern, and I'm interested as well is my friend hunts deer (and eats them), and we both compete in organized shooting leagues. Shooting is in both the winter and summer Olympics, so some people might not know there are a lot of organized shooting sports that only shoot at paper, and maybe old bowling pins, and these events teach strict safety rules to younger or newer shooters, and the training is extensive. 

 When you fill out the form to purchase ANY firearm, there is a question asking do you ever consume pot as it is not legal federally. 

 Has anyone had any problems with this or come across any legal articles? Both my friend and I would be very interested in any information or informative opinions. He is afraid the medical card could be used to confiscate his firearms in the future.
I am plumb worn out today. But i can check on this. But for the people in charge now, it is pretty clear They do not want firearms in the hands of the people.

There is a very good chance that if this world continues as it is going, they will confiscate the firearms.

A couple yrs back they had this planned. I read cases where Bank Vaults were opened by the banks at the authority of the government. Some had money and firearms removed. Most did not have them removed. yet.

They do not want us to possess weaponry of any kind.

Hopefully I can find some info on this tomorrow. I have several autoimmunes--no hope of recovery--and i am wiped out of late. But, I promise to try to find articles this weekend.

Cuz yeah, i can see the gvt doing just that. A wise concern. Give me a day or two. k? Later, Apple.
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No worries, at this point I think he's going to pass on the card. I am totally on board with the thinking our government is committed to disarming it's citizens by any means possible, and sending as many weapons possible overseas for profit.
It is frustrating, but it was something that had us talking and I was just curious.
I have noticed that many who are the most committed to firearms bans almost always have armed security for themselves.

It is still a sch 1 drug by fed standards ...
However, the states themselves can prohibit your
gun permits or not allow you to even have one ...

All my guns were passed down from G-Pa and Pop ...
and wouldn't you know it, I was taking all of them to a
cabin across the lake and a rogue wave capsized my boat
and every last one I owned went to the bottom...

All my ammo too ....

Just sayin...

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Quality link, thanks. I have heard of others having similar losses on the water. But with all of the sharks, gators, and snakes infesting our waters, you can't be expected to enter the water unprotected. You have a duty to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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