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My recent clonazepam discontinuation
Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a recent experience hoping it may help someone going thru benzo withdrawal.  I actually ran out early which is the reason for abruptly stopping the clonazepam so I called my General Practitioner who is also board certified in addiction medicine,  explained to him what I just stopped taking, expressed concern about possible seizures and gosh my heart rate was through the roof, It was scaring me.  He said alright, im going to call you in some diazepam 2mg X 7 tablets, take it exactly like i write it and it should get you through it.  What he wrote was 1/2 tablet twice daily every 12 hours, Q12 using 4 tablets.  The second step was to use the remaining 3 , but break it into 4 pieces
start with a quarter .5mg and titrate up another quarter only if needed to  slow down heart rate, that awful panic feeling and just overall discomfort.  That was the perfect drug, perfect strength and regiment which resulted in an incredibly smooth descent back to feeling pretty much like it never happened.  It was an amazing regiment. if anyone is struggling with I would highly recommend giving that one consideration, or at least put it in your toolbox!!

For those struggling, I wish you the best and encourage this approach.
Thank u Chris. (A couple of us were locked out yesterday.)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

(05-13-2020, 01:25 PM)Charon Wrote: Thank u Chris. (A couple of us were locked out yesterday.)
Always welcome!!
Thanks Chris. Clonazepam can be a very difficult drug to get off of, despite its long half-life (I know from experience) so I’m glad it went so smoothly for you.
Chris, that is great that you were able to get off of it so quickly. For many it would take many months to beat the life threatening withdrawals.
Really interesting, never thought that protocol before. Thanks Chris !!!
(05-17-2020, 01:24 AM)killingstress Wrote: Really interesting, never thought that protocol before. Thanks Chris
All I know if was the perfect drug, perfect regiment, perfect results.

Ive been on Benzos 20 years and never had a descent that worked that great.
Chris, for the benefit of this group, what was your daily Clon. dosing before you started your Diaz. regime?
I would also like to know the starting dosage of C before you started tapering off. I have heard of 6mg or more per day causing these types of symptoms if one stops all of a sudden.

I'm glad you found a taper that worked for you, and I think that's valuable information for anyone in a situation similar to yours. It's all about making your brain have to use its own chemicals instead of the C that replaced or overly modified them - and it's difficult. The brain is so slow sometimes!
Wow! I know post is old but thank you for sharing this!

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