Forum Announcement: Authorization Code Mismatch Login Error Fix
For those of you having login issues please clear your Browser Cookies. Clearing the Cache does not clear your Cookies.

For Firefox please go to Tools>Options>Privacy & Security>Clear Data>Clear Cookies & Data.

For Chrome please go to Settings>Privacy & Security>Clear Browsing Data>Clear All Cookies & Data (Select & Clear All Time Browsing History).

For Microsoft Edge please go to Settings>Privacy & Services>Clear Browsing Data>Choose What To Clear>Clear All Cookies & Data (Select & Clear All Time Browsing History).

Once you have followed these steps please close your browser and reopen it and then try logging in again. Hopefully there won't be any issues. If the problem persists download CCleaner and clear all your system cache and then repeat the Browser Processes listed above and then try again. Hopefully after the first step there won't be any login issues. If anyone faces any further issues please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Admin Of Steel.