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Possible tech issue post count
I think my post count went down on my end it says 37-38 should be over 100 I think.

Not having the sharpest day 2 hrs of editing burns me out just dropped by to relax and count seems off.

Will check later... not the end of the World but "newbie"... Confused ouch that hurt my feelings have to go cry softly in a corner now.
If I interpret your post correctly:

Appears you surpassed 5 posts per 24 hour period.

TWO posts were removed. It's up to individual to keep track of their post count.

I'm not a Moderator but YOU can make their life easier and free up some of their time by not over-posting.

5 post per 24 hours is generous. Try to stick within the guidelines so they don't have to do it for you.

Take care!

These are the rankings:

Newbies 1 Star (Below 50 Posts)
Junior Members 2 Stars (Above 50 Posts)
Members 3 Stars (Above 150 Posts)
Senior Members 4 Stars (Above 350 Posts)
Posting Freaks 5 Stars (Above 550 Posts)
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
mr-nobody .... I see no posts removed, however, you do have 2 stars ....

A puzzle for sure ... I know that you have to reach 50 in order to acquire 2 stars...

I am at a loss with this conundrum ...


(now I need a little "corner" time)
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Nemo me impune lacessit

truth be told, a few members got all hissy, and steel changed posts a tad bit. i shall find it in staff room another day.

but i did not see posts removed either. It will be fine.

But it is still one star for a newbie below fifty posts. i have to give them two posts to move up at fifty posts. Glitch Central sometimes, but a glorious place to be.

Finest people on earth.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Steel: when u can, we got this glitch. and i can only see people as registered in admin setting, and then junior member. two stars.

newbie seems to be MIA>

have a glorious nite to both of ya.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
if they made more than fifty posts, and then had some removed, they are still getting credit for those posts.

so, unless steel has time to un glitch that one, don't go drawing attention to urself if something is wrong.

did u have over fifty posts when u weree mr. nobody? then that explains it.

i did have to help him get in two days back cuz of needing a birthdate. Remember how we had to change ur name, and u said u would start over if u had to, did u have more posts?
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
NEWBIE.......................... 0

JUNIOR MEMBER............ 50


SENIOR MEMBER............ 500


ASSET MEMBER..............1,500

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks everyone this has been helpful to continue to clarify. Amazing community and everyone is very helpful, cannot stress this enough.
Guys I really did not want to make an issue out of this.  To my knowledge old acct had more posts was not having the best day and running a board out of the goodness of your hearts-thanks really just a tech issue they happen.

I did have over 50 posts but this is fine I am just happy to be here I was concerned that this may have happened to others that wanted or needed 50 posts and were doing it properly-a drop in their hard earned posts would have really confused them or possibly hurt them in a time of need-I am OK.

The "newbie" thing was meant as a joke from my point of view not to be taken seriously on "ghost recon" or whatever a would be a supernoob on medical experience it just struck me as funny.

Once again this was not meant to cause problems for the mods or admins or cause offense to anyone-was just worried it may have happened to someone else that is all.  If I can dig up old mr nobody it should show what i mean.

Please do not be concerned-things just got confused some of it certainly my fault.

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Old me-but like I said no big deal best wishes to all.  We can all get back to regular issues like daily stress and trying to help when we can.

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