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The Funniest Church Signs You Will Ever See
Maury Povich May Lose Some Business

[Image: signs24.jpg]

The Religious Rendition Of Meghan Trainor’s Hit Song

[Image: signs22.jpg]

A Classic Purgatory Pun

[Image: signs20.jpg]

Disappointing News For Lazy People

[Image: signs17.jpg]

Stealing Never Ends Well

[Image: signs14.jpg]

The Insomnia Curers

[Image: signs9.jpg]

Obey This Church’s parking Rules

[Image: signs8.jpg]

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Prefers To Be Blunt

[Image: signs3.jpg]
A True Friend
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily,
Adventures Boldly,
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

[Image: rO7eOwh.jpg]
Nemo me impune lacessit

Wow some of those are hilarious and some are unbelievably bold. But hey they get the point across . This one was particularly funny. All bout dat grace bout dat grace, no devil
Thanks for that.  Just made my day.  I had quite a laugh. Big Grin
Love the one about A/C units...!
[Image: Funny-Church-Signs-13.jpg]

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