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Well I'm reckoning this about 4 weeks without no methadone after 20odd yrs an starting to get a litte sleep but still a ways to go but over all im good got further than ever imagined yeah Amen.
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
Dude that's great. Man I've seen people really struggle with getting off that shit. And it just rots you. Good job. Keep it up the sleep will come. Maybe try getting into meditation some
Melatonin if your looking for some more natural help. Anyway you know what's up.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
well done, bo. i have read and heard nothing but horror stories in getting off this medicine.

I am so happy for u and proud of u to boot.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you all for your kind words am still mentally strong, and know its not over yet but feel a million times closer than ever before i was close to going back to 10ml as i think id bit off a bit more than a could handle but resisted and that was a week or so back but i refused to give into it so although a was as way behond rough and there all too willing to put you back on it they got a resounding no thanks such wonderful people here so once again many thanks to all sincerest kind regards to all.
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
Just a little update had more unmeded sleep yesterday/last night than I've had in what seems like forever! Definitely feeling like the worst is past never thought I'd do this thanks for all kind words n encouragement nearly there! Amen.
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
Congrats bothereddog! Hard road but definitely worth it in all regards. Nice that your posts are upbeat at this time. A good attitude goes along away on this journey Wink
Thanks Sykes30 I think you're rite in that drewpicups signature speaks volumes! Thank you Charon and everyone who took the time to comment kind regard Bd. Defo feeling better by the day, still getting good days/bad days but the good ones are starting to outdo the bad ones, am amazed by gettin this far and would easily give you guys more credit than the agencies who are supposedly there for support, when most needed there nowhere to be seen couldn't even manage a phonecall he'd promised to make. So mega thanks to you all cos I feel like I'm all but there.Amen.
"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"
BD did u taper down or cold turkey? I'm only asking because I just got myself off the same thing after a similar length of time. I tapered down all the way to zero, going one mg at a time for the last 20 or so. Took me forever, but was worth it all in the end.
Sleep is def hard to get to return to normal, but when it does it's beautiful. Shouldn't be long now before you're able to sleep on a somewhat regular schedule. My advice for what helped me is to get plenty of exercise, and I found taking some basic multi-vitamins helpful as well. Without being nasty, a tweak to your diet can help other areas, bananas and white rice are a life saver... If you've been there u know what I'm talking about.
Just stick with, you're nearing the finish line more and more each day, best of luck to you my friend. Keep us updated with your progress, and of course if u have any questions from someone who's just been there feel free to ask anytime. Can't pm yet, but I'll see any posts on this thread anyway.
Best to you,
Wow I'm so impressed with how you all have shown your support. I definitely know how hard it is. All the best to you dog and I hope you stick with it and come out on top. Good Vibes and positive thoughts
Wow, congrats! I've heard that methadone is like one of the hardest withdrawals. I'm so glad you are getting sleep--I think the hardest part of WDs is the insomnia. There's actually a documentary with the name of your subject line, but I definitely don't suggest you watch it right now Smile. Sending you thoughts of recovery and wellness.. and good sleep!

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