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UK Brand Diazepam
From anyone on here who has had any of the above recently  (non prescription) is the consensus these are Chinese bunk or are they legit?
well watched and also over the years consumed a ton of uk vals,they are made in scotland well at least theres factory there.

Ive read and watched countless videos of some places in uk basically littered with vals,locally people would say boxes go for little as 5£ per box.

thing is its hard to believe someone would have access to factory and would manage to smuggle out tons of them for the last years,without anyone noticing.

Other theories are mainly is that someone has access to proper printing press and makes them -chinesse style.While this theory is somewhat convinsing ive seen over the years boxes that they come in change with regulations,thus seems a lot of effort to counterfeit if its happening.

And given ive took em for nearly 5 years,they do taste and feel like real deal,so not sure how they come out in some uk parts easily but seems theres no shortage.

few things ive picked up is to look up serial numbers on boxes if you get more then one serial numbers should be different.also many overmiss the way blisters are cut,originals in most cases have round corners,then you have boxes which should have brail code on them.So all in if someone does fakes as in blistered&boxed they put some real effort in doing so,but with all above posted not sure what other way there would be so much on the market,unless someone manages to get access to main diaz chemical its still a lot of work to knock it off.

That said ive missed MSJ vals they were popular in UK but bout 3-5yrs ago that factory shut down and it was gone,but now i seem them returning and even had myself,someone mentioned to me they were made in Sweden if im correct.Anyway think 5mg yellow vals was best times when they were avialable few pounds for dozen was greatest deals ive had buying em,but seems nothing good lasts.
Yes there appears to be a lot of MSJ's going around I've always been dubious about taking them..Maybe I will have to indulge?
Ok cmdline MSJ Vals were top notch those days . Now many of them come from Sweeden as you said . But pay attention to this . In the UK there are a lot of batches of counterfeit MSJ diazepam, these counterfeits are reported to be arriving from Sweden, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Greece. Some counterfeits are of poor quality and easier to notice, where as some are very professional looking. It is possible they may contain sometimes etizolam anything between 5 up to 20 mg in each pill. Hope this was of help.
I'm aware that alot of these counterfeit ones contain etizolam instead. I believe it's similar in effect but not something I've tried that I'm aware of.
It is similar effect but (in my experience) wears off after maybe an hour,believe its an RC(research chemical),i don't want research C's,i have no interest in researching chemicals.
That's what's always put me off the fact it's an RC but trying source decent diazepam where I am isn't always easy and I'm dubious about going future a field these days but it looks like I may have too.
Have a look in the suggest iops section,there is legit vendors in there that are not to further a field away from you i think.
Cheers I'm checking but not found one yet.
Any luck yet sunglassesron?You can access suggest iops section?

Look at last post made on vendor in there,they are 100% legit and haven't let anyone down yet.

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