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Need advice on tramadol taper, to help a dear friend
I have a dear friend whom I think the world of, that has lost her dad, husband, and a son all within a five year span, she got a phone call from her doc saying they were going to have to take her off either her clonazepam or tramadol for her Restless leg Syndrome.  They wont allow her to be on both, and the stinky part is she didnt change, didnt do anything wrong, never once abused either of the 2 over the course of about 5 years.  The only thing that changed was the world around her and others abusing it, yet she is being punished by being taken off her tramadol which she needs.   Can anyone give me some pointers so I can kinda help her.  They are tapering her fast, and she is already feeling the discomfort.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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