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CMS Issues Nursing Homes Best Practices Toolkit ...
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CMS Issues Nursing Homes Best Practices 
Toolkit to Combat COVID-19 sent this bulletin at 05/13/2020 05:08 PM EDT

Today, under the direction of President Trump, CMS released a new toolkit developed 
to aid nursing homes, Governors, states, departments of health, and other agencies who 
provide oversight and assistance to these facilities, with additional resources to aid in the 
fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic within nursing homes. 

The toolkit builds upon previous actions taken by the Centers for Medicare & 
Medicaid Services (CMS), which provide a wide range of tools and guidance to states, 
healthcare providers and others during the public health emergency. The toolkit is comprised 
of best practices from a variety of front line health care providers, Governors’ COVID-19 
task forces, associations and other organizations, and experts, and is intended to serve 
as a catalogue of resources dedicated to addressing the specific challenges facing 
nursing homes as they combat COVID-19.

Press release

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