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Cannabis may stop corona from infecting other people?
Has anyone hear of these studies going around? I’ve been seeing a lot of articles pop up recently and it really has me thinking! In the beginning we were told smoking was a big risk, but now there is  contradiction saying the opposite. It’s actually interesting but the study is suggesting that cannabis extracts containing THC and CBD could prevent the virus from infecting human cells. 

It was published online at Preprints by a team of biologists, all legally licensed to grow. It stares in fewer words: 

[They used 13 different cannabis oils extracted from newer strains and discovered that certain oils that contained the cannabinoids CBD & THC can actually lower human cell production of 2 key proteins that serve as gateways for the virus to enter the body and cause infection. 

It’s an airborne virus as we know, and scientists say as it travels into a new host it stabs into the protein in the body called ACE2. Another protein made by the body TMPRSS2 causes the virus spike, ripping the cell open allowing it to enter. Once the virus is in the cell it hijacks the cells DNA and forces the cell to make so many copies that the cell eventually explodes and releases a swarm of new coronaviruses that end up infecting other cells. The study suggests that cannabinoids can “tune down” the genes that produce, regulars and activists both proteins ACE2 and TMPRSS2. So basically weeed oils could block the virus from being able to infect people all together.]

I’ve read about 3-4 studies on this topic so far and it’s definitely interesting... wondering what everyone’s thoughts are?
Well it is interesting to say the very least....

I believe ... I may have to continue my research ...

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Same! They are trying to develop new strains, not as a cure but as a preventative. If successful, they’re talking about making easy-to-use preventative treatments such as a mouthwash or a throat gargle in both clinical and home use. I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.
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Wouldn't that be something...
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That would be a game changer for all the states that have not made it legal. I wonder if states where it is legal for recreational are seeing decrease number of cases among users.
It would absolutely be a game changer and I believe every plant was put on earth by God for a reason. Some states are getting it now and legalizing (I am in one of them.) Unfortunately this method is not approved yet, but I really hope there is more studies. It would make sense seeing how it helps with so many other illnesses. I don’t think it would be easy for a state to just make it legal recreational wise, but medical wise 100% they could- especially if we’re talking about oils.
~~Patience is the gateway to success~~
I will say, knock on wood, but my husband has been out every day all day since the start of this as an essential worker, and has stayed healthy! He is an avid Mary j smoker and when everyone else in our house catches something.. somehow he always manages not to! And I’ve always said this is why haha
(05-14-2020, 11:59 PM)BeReel1010 Wrote: I’ve read about 3-4 studies on this topic so far and it’s definitely interesting... wondering what everyone’s thoughts are?

It certainly sounds interesting. Preventative measures are more welcome than a cure! Could you give us references for what you read? Not necessarily a link, but the name of journal, title of study, and authors - that's be really handy and it sounds really interesting.

I guess the main caveat I'd give at this point is that hardly anything related to COVID-19 is as yet peer-reviewed. I know from experience this can be a lengthy process and they are just trying to get everything out there ASAP.

I believe the journal publishers, who like to keep everything behind a paywall, were successfully pressured into having all COVID-19 related papers as open access. (Academic publishing costs are an outrage, the scientists don't get paid by the publisher, the peer reviewers don't get paid, yet they'll happily charge $40 for access.)
I am also interested in some links to what you read, if you still have them?
Seriously!? What is wrong with people? Sad to take advantage of people that way but people will take the bait I’m sure.

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