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Scammers Of Our Members & Vendors
Ice Wizard put up a PSA for all to read.

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#1 05-04-2020, 09:28 AM (This post was last modified: 05-04-2020, 09:37 AM by IceWizard.)
I just received this message from a friend and figured I'd pass it along::::

Good morning. I just got a phishing attempt here from lockandload.
I didn't open it and I think it's from Be aware that this is the
same phishing attempt that was going on with members from another
forum and it is from hackers that then get the contact lists and when
someone attempts to make a payment to a vendor they interrupt and
tell the customers to send btc or WU to a foreign country instead.
A lot of people lost money because of this on DBG and now I just
got a phishing attempt here. I'm hoping it doesn't spread to IOP but
people need to be aware of this if they get it. The message says
confidential message from lockandload.

Don't let anyone open it and click on the link. Please.

Also when they get the contacts and can spy on people's conversations they use fake
email accounts that look like they are from the original vendor but are not.
For example they might use [email protected] instead of my
[email protected] or something like [email protected]

The people need to put the cursor over the email address sent to make sure that
it's from the real person and not something "similar" which is a fake.

Just in case I deleted my entire contact list from IOP at this email address.

One: Lockandload is one. And he caused horror to the vendor. [email protected]

Two: Big Tim

Big Tim has been purged. He scammed macro mass.

I know this may not be the right place to post it but i think there should be a place where vendors can post all kinds of contact details of people who scam vendors. As i have recently been scammed for $1250 by a client who had the handle Big Tim on this forum and is now purged. Posting customer credentials may seem unethical but posting scammers credentials is the best way to get justice for what they do to vendors. I am not a stock holder. I am a middle man who keeps minor profit and forwards orders to my sources for them to dispatch. A straight loss in the face is unbearable and unacceptable. People blame vendors for being sketchy but what happens when vendors trust people. They end up getting fucked the same way clients are by vendors.

If we get your details, You scum of the earth, Whom go out of your way to attempt to destroy reputations of vendors on here, Our finest vendors to boot, We shall publish them.

I have no qualms. You all put up all my info every damned chance you get. At other forums. On facebook.

This is serious. I may have to start revoking/banning all members whom do not post regularly. Or whom have suddenly returned after three years.

You won't destroy us. Nor the lives of our Vendors.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you for sharing and keeping our fourm safe. I have been scammed in the past and know it sucks.
Thanks Charon and Ice. Working with our vendors gets more challenging every year and now this. Ugh.
For so long things were so we got some low lives attempting to breach the IOP and vendors, they wont be here long, shant be long....unacceptable way to look for a helping hand
"There's no place like home.”
I guess I made a few quite angry. Scum. The second I posted this, My computer went down. I was hacked.

Somedays i had to reformatt thrice daily. Cuz people think i have secret info. No. I do not. And I never go to sites that will cause LE to check me out.

So, it has taken me four hours to get back online. The scammers are here and reading. SO, IF YOU HAVE NOT POSTED SINCE YOU JOINED, i AM GONNA START DELETING ACCOUNTS. As we did when we were private. You shall not be allowed to hurt our vendors whom have very difficult lives rite now also. And u r not gonna make me reformatt daily.

Nor share our sources cuz a large majority whom are here are guests. Cowards. They wait for one of you to drop a vendor name in restricted areas so they can pretend to be them. Or destroy them for their master DBG or PR. Both of whom get monies from vendors and members. We do not. We are Christian and God fearing and we wont take destruction of reputations. You noodniks did it to me. Took me two buggary bollocks years to get my info down in US and another year with Interpol as I was hosted in UK. Rat Bastards.

If you have decided to not post here in years? You are gonna be history. This is not acceptable.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I am as persistent as you ne'er do wells are. I keep reformatting and I am deleting you creeps whom joined years ago. Some made enuff posts for restricted area. And they can read here as guests i fear. So, three letters of the alphabet have non posters deleted so far.

Even if it is one at a time.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks Charon for all you do. On top of everything happening in this world there are still scum bags with no moral compass.
Sorry guys and gals. I kept reformatting. I have only been able to get on now. Been trying for hours again today.

Especially as people are dying and having covid parties, i need to do the tributes at the covid forum that asked me. And I need to be here for my forum.

As soon as I start deleting more members whom spent zero minutes on here in three yrs, I may get knocked off again.

Sighs. Hang in there all.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(07-21-2020, 03:55 AM)happyvibe Wrote: Thanks Charon for all you do. On top of everything happening in this world there are still scum bags with no moral compass.
Always look at the bright side of your life. 
Melvin Udall; As Good As It Gets.
LISTEN: if you are using a trusted vendor and suddenly they ask for your details. STate they need to be paid by bitcoin. Or wil try to do WU. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. IT IS NOT THE VENDOR. YOU WILL RECEIVE BUPKIS. Nothing. A yiddish word.

These scamming scum got macro mass. and two very top notch vendors from a special country that we all love.

Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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