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Welcome Threads
If you don't make a welcome thread, u will be purged from our forum after One warning.

We have vendors and too many guests hanging out.

If you dare to make a welcome thread as a joke, in our Home, using avatars of heavy duty meds and words which allude to being "High as a kite", then in that event, Your account will also be purged.

I gave you an hour to redeem yourself, and u come back attacking the Ice Man. Not on my watch.

So, we have too many members whom have not posted in a few years.

You will not get our sources. Back to deleting all those whom have not posted in three yrs or so.

But don't think your welcome thread acting all inebriated and then threatening anyone on this forum, will serve you well.

You did not even last here to a third post. What a buggery bollocks bastard.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Oh, Kerplunk? You have been kerplunked. Thank u for playing along.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I’m trying to figure out where to make an introduction post? I’m new at being on a forum and wanna know how it works! Would you be willing to help in that process?

Thanks in advance, Jackie.
Heart We should all have patients  Heart

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